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Welcome to the Labels and Databases

  The Labels and Databases is a label maker and designer software with complex database support. It helps you to create labels, envelopes, and cards using various built-in label formats, clipart images, and with the information contained in user databases. Various objects, like text, graphics and images, database fields, barcodes can be easily added to your documents. Numerous image effects, like opacity level and image mask, in combination with other settings allow you to make visually stunning effects.

  The user database merging used for either label background or image objects along with the predefined layouts simplify the label creation process greatly, making it possible to finish the work in three steps:

1. Select a label format,

2. Select a Database, or create a new one, then click on a desired person from the database to fill the Database Field objects you placed on your label with the correspondent data,

3. or Add images, text objects to your label, the necessary Database fields, barcodes, or barcoded database fields

Main Features:

  • Label formats of the major label media manufacturers,
  • Custom label formats support,
  • Integration with User Databases ,
  • Insert JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, EPS and other format images,
  • iPhoto and Aperture support,
  • Easy and intuitive interface,
  • Color gradients support,
  • Text along ellipse,
  • Guides for aligning objects,
  • Export labels to various image formats,
  • Database objects,
  • Barcode objects,
  • Barcoded objects from databases,
  • Preview mode of database objects,
  • Printer calibration,
  • Bleeds, crop and trim marks,
  • Background and Foreground layers
  • Print to a wide array of label types,
  • Sequential printing from databases,
  • Wrap text around objects,

  • and more...


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