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Database Terms

  A database is a collection of records. Think of each record as a single index card containing information about a single entity, such as an person or company. The database comprises collections of these index cards.

  Each record is a collection of fields. The Database record consists of a set of predefined fields. The same fields are assumed to exist for each record of the database, but the data contained in corresponding fields from one record to the next may differ. For example, there may be a Last Name field in each record of your database. The specific last name in each record will probably be different.

  Records in a database can be grouped. A group defines a subset of all records in the database. A record can be included in up to 14 groups. A user can assign each group the desired title. The group checkboxes on the right of the Database View allow easy control over including a databases record to a particular group.

  Records in a database can be filtered. A user can easily make the product display only those records belonging to a particular group by using View Groups option. Or only those, containing certain search pattern with the help of Find command. There records can be subjected to complex filtering by using the combination of the group and search options.

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