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Adding Quick Address

The add Quick Address option, available via Add Quick Address menu from the Object menu, is the most convenient way to create an address label using Labels and Databases. The Quick Address object will automatically add address information from your database, but will not contain non address information contained in the Phone fields or User Fields.

After this menu command is selected, the Quick Address settings panel appears.

It allows to include or exclude database fields from the Quick Address object on your label. A database field will be included in the Quick Address field if the check-box next to its title is checked. Across from each field name is a checkbox next to a new line title. Use this check-box to control if that database field starts from a new line. If the box is checked, the field will start from a new line of text. Otherwise, it will follow after and appear on the same line as the previous field.

The Quick Address preview area helps in understanding of how the check box settings affect Quick Address object appearance. It will contain a Postnet bar code, if the Display Barcode option is on.

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