Mac CD/DVD Labels Videos

  1. Mac CD DVD Labels basic operations
  2. Applying designs to a label
  3. Import tracks from iTunes
  4. Editing existing format
  5. Calibrating printer
  6. Epson direct to disc printing

Mac CD DVD Labels basic operations

shows the actions to be done to create a label from scratch.

  • adding background,
  • switching between layers,
  • adding an oval object,
  • adding circular text to oval object, and
  • making font, color, flip and angle settings.

Applying designs to a label

shows adding a design from the designs library to a label.

  • finding a required label format,
  • switching between the format labels, and
  • adding different designs to each label in the format.

Import tracks from iTunes

shows how to fill a rectangular object with an iTunes playlist contents.

  • creating a rectangular object, and
  • adding tracks from the iTunes Library playlist.

Editing existing format

shows how to change an existing label format.

  • selecting an existing label format,
  • invoking the Edit Label Format panel
  • moving labels on page,
  • changing label attributes, and
  • saving the label format as a custom one.

Calibrating printer

shows how set printer calibrations offsets.

  • Invoking the Print panel, and
  • Dragging the label to set the desired horizontal and vertical offsets.

Epson direct to disc printing

shows how set the Mac CD DVD Labels to print to disc.

  • Selecting a desired Epson label format,
  • Choosing a predefined design,
  • Invoking the Print panel,
  • Changing the Destination to Epson Direct to Disc,
  • Checking the Print settings, and
  • Printing.