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Revolver CD Cover - professional CD/DVD cover designer.

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The Revolver CD Cover is a wonderful wizard for creating professional looking and bright cd dvd labels, cd covers, double cover labels, jewel cases, case inserts, spines for your video or audio collections or archives, photos and backups, gifts, and more.

The three simple steps for getting a great design are:

  • Choose a template,
  • Edit it, and
  • Print it either on a label paper, or directly to a disc.

The Revolver CD Cover has a

  • Variety of ready made templates, ranged by types and categories,
  • Background constructor, for creating unique background images,
  • Clipart images in built-in-libraries, access to Photos, Aperture, Photo Booth, iTunes, and also built-in Internet image search feature,
  • label formats list from leading paper manufacturers, custom labels formats wizard, and much more useful features to achieve great results.

Enjoy the process

Step 1 - Choose template layout

There are two drop down menus with tempate types and categories on the top of the window.

The available template types are: CD Disc Jewel Box, CD Disc Slim Jewel Box CD Disc Super Jewel Box, CD Disc Mini Jewel Box, CD Disc Business Card, DVD Disc Slim Box, DVD Disc Super Jewel Box, and Blu-Ray Disc Box.

Also, each type can be ranged by five categories: Sound & Music, My Sound Archives, Video & Movie, Archives & Data, and Portfolios & ID. You can also add your custom category.

Revolver CD Cover - mac cover design maker, step 1 image

Step 2 - Add text and images

The foreground of the template can be chosen from up to 20 layout variants. For this click on the DICE button, and select the desired layout variant from the vertical list. The SLOT button controls the background variants. Make the appropriate selections in any of the three verical lists manually, or by the 'slot machine lever' button to the right bottom of the lists. Clicking on any foreground object to edit, and correspondent properties panel shows all the editing options. Editing the object on one label of the template, automatically changes the same objects on all the other labels too. Good luck with your creative work!

Revolver CD Cover - mac cover design maker, step 2 image

Step 3 - Paper formats and printing

You can print your disc covers, etc., on papers from Avery, APLI, A-One, Canon, Data Becker, Decadry, Epson, Fellowes, Herma, Memorex, Neato, etc., the the drop down with availabel paper formats is on the top of the window.

Powerful printing features

Print any number of labels starting at any position on the sheet, exclude certain labels from printing, control bleeds, printing offsets, crop and trim marks. Print your disc cover on mac printers and achieve excellent results, or export your design as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PNG, etc. image files for outside printing. These files can be sent to a printing company or used as a labels preview.

Printing - edit label positions

Revolver CD Cover - mac cover design maker, step 1 image

Printing - select labels sheet

Revolver CD Cover - mac cover design maker, step 2 image
and get a great looking label cover design finished.

More Options

Barcode types for your disk labels

Add Code 128, ISMN, QR barcode objects to your labels.

Editing Images

The product provides you with ability to use change colors, make gray scale, add bright, contrast, tint images, and more effects.

Text Effects

Create circular text objects.

Advanced graphic options

Use the Bezier Tool to create impressive shapes for graphics and images. Numerous mac image effects, like opacity level, tint, tile, and image masks in combination with other settings allow you to make visually stunning effects. You can create your own cd cover easily.

Revolver CD Cover Main Features:

  1. Easy and intuitive cd or dvd label maker interface.
  2. Multyple Avery, APLI, A-One, Canon, Data Becker, Decadry, Epson, Fellowes, Herma, Memorex, Neato, etc.
  3. Clipart and background image libraries, thousands of professionally designed label layout templates.
  4. Cover templates for jewel case and DVD disc case inserts and booklets, MiniCD, and other media.
  5. Import playlists from iTunes, Finder, Text File, etc.
  6. Insert JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, EPS and other format images.
  7. Import images from Photos, Aperture, iTunes Album Artwork, and Internet image search.
  8. Support bleed printing.
  9. Text wrap around objects, label outlines.
  10. Text link between objects.
  11. Text along Ellipse mode.
  12. Print to a wide array of label and paper types.
  13. Epson EasyPrint support for direct to CD/DVD disc printing on Epson printers.
  14. Background and Foreground layers help to create and edit advanced mac cover designs.
  15. Printer calibration allows to fine-tune the printer for accurate results.
  16. Export label design as a PDF, TIFF, Postыscript file.
  17. Barcode types (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 128, and Code 39)
File Size: 315.62Mb
Version: 2.8.1  Price: $24.95

Satisfaction guaranteed:

  1. Professional results With Your Own Style.
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  3. Fully functional and unlimited version.
  4. Free updates
  5. Secure on-line ordering. It is 100% secure!
  6. Purchase multiple copies and get a discount!
  7. Instant key delivering and unlocking.

MacOS Sonoma
MacOS 14
MacOS Ventura
MacOS 13
MacOS Monterey
MacOS 12

Program OS Support :

Revolver CD Cover requirements
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Version: 2.8.2
315.62Mb MB of hard disc drive space.