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Label Toolbar

The tools are displayed on the top of the main window. The next tools and are available

  • Save Buton,
  • Object Tool,
  • Rotation Tool
  • Text Tool,
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Oval Tool
  • Line Tool,
  • Bezier Tool,
  • Database Field Tool,
  • Zoom Tools, and
  • The Measurement button changes the measurement units.
  •  The Object tool is used to activate, resize and reposition one or more objects. An object is active when it is first created, and can be activated by clicking on it. An active item is indicated by the presence of handles that are used to resize the item. An item remains active until you click outside of it.

    You can activate multiple items in two ways. First, hold the Shift key and click on inactive items. Shift-click on active items to remove them from a multiple selection. Second, click outside of an item and drag the mouse. When the area marked in this way overlaps inactive items, they are added to the group selection.

    To move an object, click and drag the mouse to move the item elsewhere. To resize an object, click on a handle, and drag to the desired direction.

    The Rotation tool is used to rotate an object around any point. Any object in may be rotated by any angle. After selecting the Rotation tool, click and drag away a short distance from the pivot point in the resired direction. Alternatively, just move your cursor to the corner handles. The rotation cursor appears showing that the object is ready to be rotated. Click and drag the mouse.

    The Text tool serves for switching to the text insertion mode. You can also switch to it by double clicking on a rectangular or an oval objects. The pointer changes into an I-beam when it is moved over the object. To enter a text, type it from the keyboard, paste it from the clipboard, or drag it into the object using the Drag and Drop feature. To highlight a text segment, click and hold the mouse button at one end of the text segment and drag to the other end. To position the text insertion point, move the pointer (I-beam) to the location at which you want to enter new text and click once.

    The next group of tools are used to create graphic objects implied by their name. They all work in an identical way except that the shape of the objects they create are different.

    Rectangle tool,
    Oval tool,
    Line tool

    When one of these tools is selected, the pointer should appear as a set of crosshairs. To create an object, click on the appropriate tool, then move the pointer to the location where you want one corner (or end of a line) of the object be positioned, then click and drag to the location where you want the opposite corner to be placed, then release. The newly created object appears with handles indicating that it is active.

    If the rulers are displayed (see Show Rulers in the View menu), the pointer is tracked on the rulers before you press the mouse button to begin creation resize, or movement. During the drag, the content area of the object are tracked. This aids in the placement of the object.

    Bezier Path tool

    to create a bezier path object, just select this tool, then move the pointer to the location you wish to place the path, click, and drag the mouse. When the path is finished, release the button.

    The last tool is the Database Field tool. To add an Database field, click on the Database Field Tool, and, when the field name popup menu is displayed, select the field title from it,

    then click on your label to place the address field object.

    The Zoom tools are used to zoom in and out on a the page.

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