How to serialize (create bulk) barcodes, and text objects with data from Excel or Numbers applications

To serialize a bar code and a text object when importing from excel workbook file is easy using the iBarcoder barcode generator. You need to make several steps:

1. Create an .xlsx file with data in Excel or Numbers applications

iBarcoder: create .xlsx data file

2. If you create it in Numbers, choose Export>To Excel... menu option

iBarcoder:  create .xlsx data file

and then, select "One per sheet" radio button from Export Your Spreadsheet panel

iBarcoder: save .xlsx data file

2. Click on your barcode object, then open the Sequence Properties tab on the right of the window, and set the Serialize attribute from Sequence Properties to On, then switch to the 'File' mode

iBarcoder: save .xlsx data file

3. Browse to the .xlsx file you've just created (or just drag and drop it over the Location text area), and select the desired sheet and column from the panel that opens.

iBarcoder: save .xlsx data file

The Serialize area will show the selected column data

iBarcoder: save .xlsx data file

4. Click Print, and see your QR Codes in the print preview .

iBarcoder: save .xlsx data file

You can add multiple barcodes and text box objects to your label, and repeat the process described above for each object you wish to serialize, assigning the data from different column of the same .xlsx file.