How to make ISMN barcode easily

The International Standard Music Number (ISMN) is a unique numeric commercial identifier used for marking printed musical publications, based on 13 digit format. Using iBarcoder you can make ISMN barcode with a few quick mouse clicks.

Create ISMN on mac - step by step:

  1. Click on the barcode icon on the toolbar, then on the label area. Barcode appears.
  2. Click on the Barcode Information panel, and select the mac ISMN barcode type.
  3. Click on the Barcode Data and replace the default string with the actual ISMN barcode data.

Please note that the ISMN Prefix is selected by iBarcoder and is not reflected in the Data area.
The barcode check digit is calculated automatically, so you do not have to add it to the barcode data string.

  1. Make the desirable settings such as ISMN barcode height, width, etc.
  2. Select ISMN pattern from the lowest popup menu on the Barcode Information panel.
  3. You are ready! Print or Export your mac ISMN barcode image.
Mac ISMN barcode image screen shot

Mac ISMN Specification:

The ISMN is designed to rationalize the processing and handling of notated music and the respective bibliographical data for publishing houses, the music trade and libraries.

  1. The letter M used to distinguish the ISMN from the ISBN
  2. 3 digits for Publisher identifier
  3. 5 digits for Item identifier
  4. 1 digit for checksum
  5. As of 1 January 2008 the ISMN consists of 13 digits starting with 979-0
  6. Existing 10-digit ISMNs are prefixed by 979-
  7. The leading M- of the 10-digit ISMNs will be replaced by 0- (zero)
  8. The resulting 13-digit number will be identical with the EAN-13 number that is currently encoded in the bar code
Mac ISMN barcode picture

ISO Standard 10957 gives the basic rules of the ISMN system.

An ISMN barcode is created using the EAN-13 symbology with a special prefix. So the ISMN is a special form of the EAN-13 code.

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