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Use the Export Database command from the File menu to export the database records currently displayed in the Browser into a comma, tab, etc, delimited text file. All records are saved as a list. After selecting the Export Database command from the File menu, the "Export Database" dialog box is displayed with the list of the field names. The order of the field names in the list is the default order for the fields of records in the exported file. If a different order is desired, click on the field name and drag it up or down to move it to the position in order you prefer. While dragging, the field name becomes bolded and italicized. If you do not wish to export a particular field, double-click on the name in the list; it will become red and will not be exported with the rest of the database.

Delimitation is the way database programs recognize where a particular field begins and ends in an exported text file. The Delimiter pop-up menu allows the database file to be exported in next delimitation formats:

1) Comma-delimited

2) Tab-delimited (the default)

3) Space-delimited

4) Colon-delimited

5) Semicolon-delimited

6) Double-quotes-and-commas-delimited

Click OK to accept the order of fields.

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