Label Paper Formats

The history of labels

Colorful label paper has been used since 1880. The goal of using labels was easy - catch the customer's attention. The fruit market introduced this new concept of lithography. Labels were used on cedar, boxes, cans etc.
The next step was made in 1935 when R. Stanton Avery manufactures the first self-adhesive label in California.
Today you can find a various label paper formats on the market. Using mac label maker software you can design and print labels easily.

Main Types of Label Paper

Address Labels picture

Address or Mailing Labels

Address labels are used for printing addresses on envelopes or parcels using proper label paper sheets. If you need to save time by hand writing addresses on each mail you send, use specialized mac software applications for printing labels with information from your custom database or Apple Address Book – such as label maker for mac from Cristallight.

Video Labels picture

Audio and Video Labels

This kind of label paper formats included: CD labels, DVD labels, cassette labels and thin labels for design and printing multimedia information. It’s very important to save your video, audio or file archive with professional designed label created with the cd label maker for mac.

Business Card Labels picture

Business Card Labels

Business cards are cards with giver's information about a company or individual. A business card on card label paper typically includes the individual’s name, company logo and contact information such as street addresses, telephone and fax number, e-mail addresses and website url. It can also include qr code barcode with any information above.
Today a business card must have professional design made by business card designer application. View more business card paper information.

Leading Label Paper Manufacturers

Avery - Coated and Laminated Label Paper Manufacturing, Stationery, Tablet, and Related Product Manufacturing; Pen and Mechanical Pencil Manufacturing

DYMO known as the first company to introduce personal embossing label makers and label paper for home and office labeling.

3M - The world's first waterproof sandpaper. Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheet, Produce Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Scotch® Transparent Duct Tape, Label paper sheets.

A-One - One of the famous Asian manufacturers of label paper.

Xerox - global document management company, manufactures and sells a rangeprinters, multifunction systems, photo copiers, digital production printing presses, label paper, and related consulting services and supplies

Full list of supported label formats of the major label media manufacturers in dvd label maker for mac is available.

If you wish to use a label format from major labels media manufacturers, or need custom label format, create your label from scratch, or use professionally designed pre-made templates, we recommend you to use
the Home Disc Labels from Cristallight - the powerful software for disc cover label design.

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