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Mail Merge with Labels and Databases

If you want to send a form letter to hundreds of different contacts, you need the mac Labels and Databases. Using this powerful label designer and database manager, you can write one form letter, and then merge each contact's information with the letter that you created. It's simple, and fast.

You can also use the mail merge feature in the Labels and Databases to create not only form letters, but personalized cards, invitations, etc. All you need is to create a template document with placeholders that correspond to database fields of the current database. This makes the mail merge documents, created with this template to contain the same kind of information, while some of the content is unique. As said before, you can use this feature to quickly create personalized messages for hundreds of people at once.

Mail merge using Labels and Databases can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a template for label, card, letter, etc. It should contain database placeholder objects, or a text object, with the database field placeholders in it,
    Labels and Databases - mail merge template 1
  2. Select or create a database, which contains the relevant information for each individual you are messaging to be merged into the template.

    Labels and Databases - mail merge template 2
    Filter the list of recipients using the database filtering options,

  3. Click on the Preview button Labels and Databases - mail merge template 3 , and preview the mail merge.
  4. You can preview each copy of the document before you print the whole set using the database navigation buttons,

    Labels and Databases - mail merge template 4
  5. And send your document to printing.

    Labels and Databases - mail merge template 5
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