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What is a barcode?

We are all, more or less, but passes through the cashier at the store to pay for the selected products. And surely every one of us at least once so noticed the cashier highlights some strips on the packaging of the beam of a device and then calls the amount of payment. Strips - a bar code, and the device that emits the rays, - a scanner. It reads the information from the bar code and sends it to the screen of the cash register.

It is a kind of trademark, designed for automatic reading. Each barcode is unique in the world and contains basic information about the product. Barcode is the main part of the automatic identification technology.

The main purpose of the bar code - the unique identification of the product itself or any of its features, such as packaging or serial number. The prototype of the current bar code has become a Morse code.

A barcode is an image representation of data, that helps to organize information about an object. The code uses bars and spaces of different widths and sizes which represent numbers, other symbols and images. Today, the barcode is used in various spheres of our life. From computer technology and ending the identification of goods in the supermarket. There are some types of barcodes like 1D (linear) and 2D (two dimensions).

barcodes generated by iBarcoder
The difference between 1D and 2D bar code is as follows:
  • 1D - consists only of lines and spaces with different widths.
  • 2D - may consists patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns.

Using bar codes to simplify and optimize the information about various objects.

You need to use special software guarantees high quality barcode generation.

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