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Barcodes in CMYK

iBarcoder can be set to use RGB, or CMYK color modes when exporting barcode images. The barcode images can then be used with graphic software (Illustrator, CoredDraw, etc.) to create vector EPS output. This output also can be created in RGB, CMYK, or Grayscale modes. It is recommended that the barcode image color mode be the same as the color mode of the EPS output to avoid color conversion issues. For example, if the EPS color mode is set to “CMYK Color”, the barcode color should also use CMYK values.

The iBarcoder default color mode is RGB. To create barcodes in CMYK, make the appropriate change in the product Preferences. For doing this, choose the iBarcoder>Preferences menu option

iBarcoder - barcode choose CMYK colorspace preference

and switch to the CMYK option on the bottom of the Preference panel. Restart the iBarcoder then, to make the changes in effect.

iBarcoder - barcode set CMYK colorspace preference
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